First Previews of RDR2

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IGN and other media outlets have gotten their first peek at Red Dead Redemption 2. Check out all the juicy details below...


IGN article here

"As Dutch’s right-hand man, Arthur plays an important role in the upkeep of the gang, not just in terms of supplies but also the morale of the gang. If food and resources are aplenty then spirits will be high, which is reflected in the mood of the camp. People will be singing and dancing, and you’ll be greeted with cheer. But if the food supply runs low, you’ll quickly know about it – people will mutter angrily about where the next meal is coming from. As a senior member of the gang, many will look to Arthur to provide, through hunting or buying supplies, and he’ll be rewarded for doing so."

"You have complete control over how Arthur acts in the world, thanks to a sophisticated interaction system represented by a number of choices displayed in the bottom right of the screen, such as Greet or Antagonise. These dynamically change depending on a number of factors, including where you are, who you’re talking to, choices you’ve made previously in the interaction and so on, and even though most of the HUD was switched off for the demo it was still obvious how much freedom the player is given."

"Rockstar wants you to think of your horse as a companion rather than a disposable mode of transport, and as such you’ll build up a bond with your mount the more time you spend with it, calming it when it’s agitated, grooming it and feeding it. If you have a strong bond with your horse it’ll be generally be less skittish and calmer in firefights, and more inclined to do as you want, while an untrained horse is more unpredictable."

"But first, Arthur needs to get it back to Pearson, picking up his prey and throwing it over his shoulders. It’s heavy, and Arthur is noticeably debilitated while carrying such a beast. Thankfully his horse is just a whistle away, and strapping the kill on the back of his mount makes the return journey a more enjoyable ride.

However, a word of caution – dead animals decay over time and while small prey can be wrapped and stashed in your satchel to prolong their use, the carcass of a deer left in the scorching midday sun will soon turn. Ensuring the buck is returned to the camp cook as soon as possible is therefore a priority."

"From the demo Dead Eye looks much the same as in the last game; the screen turns sepia and the action slows, giving the player a few seconds to mark targets before shooting. The four lawmen hit the dirt in a hail of gunfire before Arthur turns his focus to the deputies firing from on top of buildings. Long-distance kills play out in slow motion, shown from a reverse angle so you can fully appreciate the kill, and as the law is pushed back Arthur and the gang slowly make their way from one piece of cover to the next, back to their horses"

"As for the story, naturally Rockstar is keeping most of it secret. There will be connections with Red Dead Redemption, seeing as this game is set prior to it and features some familiar faces, but Rockstar describes it as a companion piece rather than a prequel. Multiplayer will return, promising to “create a brand new open world multiplayer experience”, but there are no details beyond that statement and, for now, Rockstar’s focus is on the story of Arthur Morgan."

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Telegraph UK article here

"Early on in the demo, a well-dressed man, replete with a bowler-hat, watch chain and waistcoat wanders into view, and it is only after he speaks in a disarmingly soft drawl that I realise this is Dutch, the leader of the gang – and the main antagonist in Red Dead Redemption. He is a long way from the wild-haired man-of-the-mountain he was in the first game, but he has the same world view. Even though the law and civilisation is closing in on his family and way of life, Dutch isn’t giving up."

"Like its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 has an ‘Honor System’, which affects Morgan’s standing with his fellow men and women. Players can choose how honourable he is in daily activities and actions, and this in turn affects how the world responds to the player. The more notoriety Morgan gains, the less friendly townsfolk are likely to be with him. The more famous he becomes, the more likely the world’s inhabitants will treat him well. The world in Red Dead Redemption can be as hostile or as friendly, as violent or as laconic as the player makes it."

"At the demo’s close, two more tidbits of information were imparted. First, the game’s HUD is completely customisable; players can remove every trace of in-game help – including the circular map in the bottom of the screen – should they wish, making the experience all the more immersive. Second, there is a multiplayer in pipeline, although Rockstar is going to wait for a later date to reveal details on that."

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