First Hands-On Previews

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The gaming media finally got their hands on Red Dead Redemption 2 and here's a short list of what they have to say. Also check out 24 new screenshots from the previews here.


  • You can play in first-person mode
  • Clean your horse to increase it's stats
  • Horses don't last forever - take care of them, including a pat on the head
  • The interaction menu includes dogs
  • Can interact with everyone (a basic conversation at the least), some lead to side quests
  • Talk your way out of trouble - for small infractions, at least
  • Small decisions now can lead to more things later
  • "Deluxe wash" at inns...
  • Weapons need to be maintained to work properly
  • Animal skinning is not off camera
  • Honor/notoriety system returns
  • Cinematic camera can "auto-walk" you to a waypoint so you can enjoy the scenery
  • Map is constrained to the snowy mountains only for the first "section" so you can get used to everything
  • Killcam from Max Payne - watch your final enemy fall in glorious cinematic
  • Upgraded Dead-Eye can show weak points on enemies such as the heart or brain
  • Time will pass in the game including buildings under contruction
  • Tents can be "upgraded" to become fast-travel points
  • There is an in-game camera you can take selfies with
  • You can steal the trains and even blow the whistle
  • Pay off your own bounties at a post office
  • Grow out your hair and beard if you like - no magic haircuts at the barber
  • Clothing is completely customizable even rolling up sleeves - dressing for the weather is a good idea too
  • Arthur can gain/lose weight among other stats such as stamina
  • Horse testicals shrink or expand with temperature... yeah... (via Kotaku)

English previews:

Other languages:

Thanks to DuPz0r for sharing the listing. Enjoy and join the chat at the RDR2 forums!